Spreckelsville / Paia / Kuau

Paia homes, condos and vacant lands are highly demanded by visitors and prospective homebuyers

Even though the community in Paia is a relatively small one, it is not bereft of diversity and uniqueness. You ask and you get it- this is the secret of Mara’s unparalleled success in helping potential homebuyers to zero in on a home offered for sale or buy a piece of vacant land so that they can build their dream home as they want.

Starting from the sprawling malls to the exquisite food chains, there is a distinct touch added to the area. Hence, it is quite natural that there is more demand for this area than the rest of the places in Maui.

There is more to the value of the place, Paia than appears to you at the first sight. To explore all of these hidden features of this destination, you will do well to seek reliable professional assistance from a person who has been in the industry for more than 20 years- that is only Mara Lockwood!

Kuau real estate transactions encompass homes, condos and lands

During your very first visit, you will realize that you need to consider Kuau to settle down. Mara elucidates about the various amenities found in this area- world famous Ho’okipa Beach Park and Mama’s Fish House. Moreover, Kuau lies close to the more famous Paia. The climatic conditions here are simply amazing. If you are an ardent fan and enthusiastic follower of water sports, especially wind surfing, you will like this place for sure.


Mara excels in real estate deals in Spreckelsville owing to her passion to serve her customers utmost professionally

  1. The Baby Beach found in Spreckelsville is one of the few beaches that you can find here to spend with your family and friends.
  2. There are entertainment facilities like Country Club and Maui Golf here so that you can enjoy your vacation and other free time.

This place has an awesome combination of location, ambience and amenities that automatically attracts visitors to not stop with just visiting the place but also consider buying a property here.

To view a complete listing of suitable properties in Spreckelsville, whether you are looking for homes, condos or lands, you can contact Mara Lockwood at 808.281.6460 at your convenience.