Ocean Front

Have you ever imagined how it would feel living by the oceanfront? Well, with Mara Lockwood always ready to help you in buying and living in a home, condo or land on your own, you can easily turn this dream into reality.

With her, all of your worries regarding settling down comfortably and stress-free in Maui, the Hawaii Islands, are taken good care of. She treats your needs as if they were hers- this is the reason why more and more people want to deal with her.

She caters both to buyers and sellers with integrity, dedication and highest level of professionalism, quite a rare combination to be found in the same individual! She does not stop with just showing you the photos of the properties that match your requirements but also takes a step further to act as your personal agent.

She is only too happy to come out with novel solutions since she is always inspired by the Aloha spirit. Her fervor in serving her customers is simply unparalleled. So, all this should inspire you to share with her as to what you really expect from the property on the oceanfront in Maui.

Once you specify the details, she will take charge of the situation and guide you step by step in the process of

  • Sifting through the featured listings of properties
  • Identifying the suitable property that you feel perfectly fits all of your requirements
  • Finalizing it
  • Application of home loans if you are not able to meet the payment in full
  • Documentation procedures
  • Loan approval and
  • Closing of the deal reliably

Contact Mara to own a great oceanfront property, which gives you spectacular views of the scenery around all the day! Kuau oceanfront is one of those places that stand synonymous to beauty, serenity and thrill.

Buying a home on the oceanfront in Maui definitely requires the assistance of a seasoned professional and Mara does this job the best.

A licensed broker, she makes sure her customers get nothing short of the best in everything- property, deal, price, buyer/seller, packages and offers and services.

Feel the pleasant sea breeze right from your bedroom! If you are just holidaying, you can consider renting out vacation rental properties. They go well with your holiday mood- there is everything there that you want. Some of the vacation rentals that Mara specializes in are:

  • Maalaea Kai Resort in Maalaea
  • Kamaole Sands resort in South Kihei, Maui
  • Maui Vista Resort in South Kihei, Maui
  • Kihei Kai Nani Resort in South Kihei, Maui
  • Kihei Kai Nani Resort in South Kihei, Maui

She advises you to have a first-hand view of the properties by browsing through the catalogs that she has access to, including the featured property listings. Thus, you can get a good idea about the kinds of properties that you can consider buying.

At the same time, if you are a seller, owning a great property on the oceanfront, you can rest assured that you have come to the right place! With Mara’s guidance and all-round help, you are sure to attract visitors and potential homebuyers in Maui. Acting as your trusted agent, she advertises your property effectively and brings it in front of those who are desirous of settling down on the oceanfront in Maui.

This makes the Maui oceanfront real estate a busy and bustling industry all through the year. Most of the properties here are offered on short sales. That means, as a buyer, you have much to gain by buying a property in Maui. It is an investment with assured positive returns.

Owning a property and living on the oceanfront means you get to enjoy many of the following amenities depending upon the area that you choose to settle down:

  • Fantastic views up and down the coast, ships cruising into the harbor, Halekala, the East Maui coastline, gorgeous sunrises, and Kahakuloa Rock to the north. Surf right out front here.
  • Fantastic views of Haleakala Crater and the Northshore
  • Spectacular sunrises and a perfect spot to also enjoy the surf and ocean breezes
  • Spectacular sunrises and a perfect spot to also enjoy the surf and ocean breezes
  • Ocean views to Maui and Lanai
  • Great beach for strolling, kayaking, windsurfing
  • Experience the serenity of the Old Hawaii of yesteryear at Alaeloa, a gated oceanfront community
  • Breathtaking views of the coastline, islands, and year round sunsets. A pet friendly community greets you warmly.
  • Breathtaking view looking down one of the longest white sand beaches in the Hawaiian Islands
  • Are able to get sunrise and sunset views and whale watching in the winter
  • Unobstructed, panoramic ocean and cliff views overlooking Waipio Bay
  • Memorable ocean, sunset, and Diamond Head views, plus watching the evening lights of Honolulu shimmering on the horizon

Well, the list is quite a long-winding one. So, instead of just stopping with going through it, why don’t you call Mara and fix up an appointment with her straightaway? She will

  • Fetch you the desired results in a reliable manner
  • Simplify the process of applying and procuring home loans
  • Double-check that the property you have finalized is indeed a trustworthy one
  • Offer you end-to-end services in the true sense of the word; i.e., right from the moment you approach her with your real estate needs with respect to buying or selling homes, condos or lands on the oceanfront in Maui, till the closing of the deal to the utmost satisfaction of both the parties, you can stay relaxed and cool.

Such is the professional, customer-friendly attitude that is seen in Mara and it is not a surprise that it has helped her to rise high in the eyes of her customers.

She takes pride in the fact that most of her customers come through referral links. That means her customers are highly appreciative of her success rate and attitude to the extent that they are only too willing to voluntarily spread a word to their friends and contacts about the benefits of appointing Mara as their personal real estate agent and broker.

Want to be counted one among them? Then, without waiting any more, call Mara Lockwood at 808.281.6460 to know more about her efficient services and reliable solutions pertaining to Maui oceanfront real estate deals!

Day after day, scores of potential homebuyers and sellers come to her and are served in just a manner they want. Mara puts her vast experience spanning more than 20 years in the Maui real estate industry into play while serving her customers. No job is too small or too big for her- feel the difference in the quality of service she offers you