Wailea / Makena

Wailea/ Makena real estate (homescondos and lands) handled utmost professionally by Mara Lockwood

Making good use of the profound experience and knowledge gained during her study, she makes sure that you end up buying the best properties in the South shore of Maui.

If you are looking to buy your dream home in a dream location, then Wailea/ Makena suits your requirements perfectly. Mara is a renowned expert in guiding her clients with the best and finer aspects of the area they come looking for to buy a property and settle down forever.

Ultimately, while interacting with her, you know and feel happy that you made a right choice in choosing her as your personal real estate agent and broker.

She invites you to browse through the Maui Resources section in this site- bet, you will be simply delighted to find so much information in a single page!